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Cinnabar or HgS, Mercury Sulfide is the principal source of Mercury and has been widely used over the centuries. When crushed the fine powder was used to create vermillion pigment which was widely used in many different cultures. Its distinctive red color have attracted creative minds in many ways including its use in cosmetics and lipsticks, and rouges. However, such use has largely stopped due to recognition of the severe toxic nature of the Mercury which affects the nerves among other bodily tissues.

Most cinnabar is found in masses, and seldom as pure crystals.

Cinnabar Mass – Image found on Pinterest

Due to its toxic nature, it is seldom used in metaphysical healing practices except by experienced practitioners. Most people are warned away. However, when found in rare crystal format, it can be used carefully as the crystals are usually safely ensconced in a matrix rock which can be handled.

The most common way people hear of and see cinnabar is in the form known as China Red Lacquer. Even today you can find newer pieces from China that appear to be Cinnabar but are not true cinnabar. However, older items most definitely can and do contain mercury and exist in antique shops and museums around the world.

Folklore associates the stone with the production of wealth and has earned the nickname “the Merchants Stone.” Believers feel the stone helps draw prosperity to its owner and is also said to be a powerful tool to trigger mystic vision and help boost communication and brilliant thinking.

It is said to be useful in bringing all the chakras into line and can alleviate dread and bitterness.

Despite the toxic issue, it is a popular stone, especially if you can find crystals due to its color and perhaps even because of the implied danger.

The key thing to remember is to avoid handling the material with your bare skin, and especially avoid heating it, as heat can release mercury vapor. With proper precautions, it is a nice addition to any mineral collectors accumulations.

Earl’s father acquired a number of cinnabar crystals several decades ago from China. From that initial group, less than a dozen crystal items remain, although most have two or more crystals on each piece of matrix.

Cinnabar Crystal A
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal B
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal C
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal D
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal E
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal F
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal G
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal H
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal I
Cinnabar Crystal
Cinnabar Crystal J

Samples A-D are $100 each, and all of the rest are $80 each postpaid anywhere in the US. If interested, email and advise of your choice or choices. I will let you know if the item is still available and will suggest payment options. We tend to prefer Paypal as it offers both parties protection.