Joanies Rocks During Covid-19

The rock season didn’t get off to a rocky season it got off to no season, Despite a great March buying trip to Tucson, the rock world has died the covid19 death of non-assembly.

No shows, and little desire to do a lot of mixing. The solution for Joanies Rocks will be to eventually conduct appointment only sales from home, (meaning backyard and garage, Joanie insists not the house – and masks required) But not for a while yet.

The backyard is beginning to take shape but is a ways from completed and will probably be in perpetual evolution for some time. Earl is incorporating many of his rocks into his backyards landscape to show the possibilities and as a market place for better accent rocks strategically placed for show and sale. The early focus this year has been on the elevated garden beds, which are beginning to take shape. Now his attention is shifting to get the rockier aspects of business underway in the new normal.

The first step has been to get a representative sample of the inventory on display at Plantiques. The Plantique Garden Center at 5152 Hiwatha is perhaps the city of Minneapolis’s least easy to find nook in the wall locally owned gift and garden oasis. I challenge you to find a more out of the way shop, but the journey is well worth the effort.

A huge hole in the street immediately outside the storefront main entrance should not frighten you away. parking can be a bit awkward, but the streets are safe and the neighborhood friendly.

Hours can be irregular, but lately Samantha is there every Thurdsay, Friday and Saturday from 10 to 3.

Joanies rocks have on display some Labradorite, Malachite, Dendritic Sandstone, Face wands, lapis lazuli, a wide variety of hand-carved soapstone critters, including frogs, dogs, and skulls. An angel or two as well. Some Raw Amethyst from Canada, Geodes from Iowa, Rose Quartz from the Black Hills, and Petrified Wood from the Baisch Dinosaur Digs near Glendive Montant are also on display along with several trays of tumbled stones and crystals including pyrite cubes, orange selenite, bumblebee jasper, Petoskey Stones, carved hearts, Botswana Agates, Wordstones and more.

In the near future Joanies rocks will be adding some all natural stone bracelets to the display.

Eventually, we may open up the backyard adn garage for an open house or perhaps a spring and fall rock weekend. We are kind of hoping some of the shows return but also a bit aprenensive as to whether or not we want to be doing them.

pots, seeds, more..