Swedish Blue Captured Our Fantasy

Swedish Blue Jewelry – Handmade in Sweden from Swedish Rock and Silver

When we were in Denver this past September, we met a couple from Sweden who are silversmiths and worked with a stone they called Swedish Blue.

The stone is also known locally as Bergslagsten, which basically means it came from the slag pile of the medieval foundry in Bergslagen Sweden.

The slag gets its color from the impurities in the ores being processed at the foundry and is this case tended to be the blue color of Sweden.

The stone is then cut with attention being paid to the color variations in the stone itself. A practiced eye and skill can bring out the best aspect of any particular piece. After the stone is cut and polished it is framed with silver by my Swedish silversmith’s, resulting in a handsome piece of jewelry that speaks to and of Sweden, past, and present.

In the photo, you will see at the upper left a “not for sale” sample of the Swedish Blue slag, before cutting. Note the color variations that flow through the body of the stone. These variations are selected and enhanced by the stone cutter and then framed in silver.

There are four rings, priced at $81 each for three and $69 for the fourth.

There is one triangular pendant priced at $90

Then a set of four larger oval pendants followed by three more smaller ovals. The prices should be clear on the photo but ate from left to right, $90, $132, $120, $117, with all three smaller ovals at $60 each.

We are considering consigning this material to others for the holiday season, as we do not have any scheduled shows until Spring. If perchance one or more of the items are calling out to you – call out to us via email to enetwal at gmail.com. Let Earl know you saw it here first on the blog and you will get 10% off.

But hurry, it may be all gone in an instant if we decide to consign.

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