Anoka County Rock Show 2019

Our final show of the year was last weekend on home turf, in Crystal at the Crystal Community Center. It was nice to do a show without needing a hotel as well.

Tampa BaY Coral
Tampa Bay Coral is one of the items We Carry and Many Do Not. round jars by the Black tub containing coral as some of our Precious Opal Selections which we store in water.

While it was our maiden rock show at the community center, I am very familiar with the facility from my many years on the philatelic circuit. The Minnesota Stamp Expo is held there every July and I would set up a table specializing in Postal History.

But Rocks are the name of the game this millennium, and we sold some in crystal. Our largest individual sale included one of the rare WahWah Mountian Red Beryls we have in stock that came from my father’s old stock.

Also from his remaining inventory was a nice piece of white Australian Precious Opal.

On the other end of the scale, one healer was pleased to find that we carriers Pink Opal and Lavender Jade polished stones that she could use in her healing work.

Joanies Rocks at Anoka County Gem & MIneral Show 2019
We call our plastic boxes Michael’s Boxes as that is where we have found them. We use them to display a lot of different rocks in a small amount of space.

We had a lot of fun introducing our new jewelry line Swedish Blue and learned a bit about glass and foundries from our visitors. We recorded our first sales and anticipate doing well with it.

Swedish Blue Jewelry
Swedish Blue Jewelry

One of the things we like about rock shows is the people. A lot of knowledge circulates around the tables and as a wet behind the ears newer rock dealer I love learning as I go and my customers tend to be my best teachers.

Looking across the room as things slowed down on Sunday
We have a 100 or so cabs that my dad created many years ago. We are kind of proud of our display technique which makes it easier to see the individual cabs.
Our Bracelet Rack Got a Workout.
Amethyst, Rose Quartz and other Specimens Held Down The Corner Position
We always have some items for the kids as well as books to help our customers become more familiar with aspects of the hobby. Our Grab bags are pretty good deals for a youngster just getting interested in the hobby.
Joanies Rock’s Corner of the Universe